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Therasoft® Lite is the perfect solution to manage your calendar, progress notes and credit card payments.

A simple version of the Most Complete Practice Management Software for Therapists.

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Serving The Mental Health Community Since 2008

  • 30 Monthly Active Clients
  • Smart Scheduling Calendar
  • Email Appointment Reminders
  • 5 Progress Notes Templates
  • Credit Card Processing 
  • Client Portal
  • Mobile Apps
  • Website Integration


$350 /year

Save $118 /year

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Practice management software for mental health therapists

Up to 30 Monthly Active Clients

Active clients are clients that you have not archived. You can archive and unarchive clients, but you can only have up to 30 active clients per month.

Smart Scheduling Calendar

Our calendar is the center of the entire system. It serves as a status dashboard as well as a launchpad for your workflow management. We developed our calendar to assist you with scheduling appointments as well as tracking appointment cancellations and rescheduling.

Progress Notes

We developed our progress notes to record the specific type of therapy as well as required billing for each individual. Incorporated with QuickNote, BIRP, SOAP, Medicaid BIRP, and an industry standard note to suit all of your needs

Credit Card Processing 

We Configured Therasoft®’s payment system to quickly process all payment types from cash to credit card. Our system is easy-to-use and developed to streamline your billing tasks to save you time, money, and energy

Client Portal 

Connect with your clients from anywhere. Our Client portal and myTherapist App is ideal for clients who prefer telehealth and the convenience of having their session in their preferred environment.

Mobile Apps

Therasoft® Mobile provides secure access to our innovative smart calendar as well as many other functions. Access client data directly from your mobile device without saving any of the information to the device itself.

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